Houston Queer Blogging Meet-Up!

This year I’m attending the 3rd Annual Haas Convening of LGBT journalists, editors, and bloggers, which I’m excited about!  We’ll be hearing and talking a lot about the GOP election, with I think a strong focus on combating the idea that visible queerness harms children.  I’ll probably write something about the experience, and will certainly be livetweeting many of the events, if that interests you.  It’ll be particularly interesting because I’ll be interacting with a lot of smart and experienced queer folks whose politics are pretty dissimilar from mine, which I figure will be a good growing experience.

If you’re in Houston or the surrounding area, the Bilerico Project is co-hosting a meet-up with Joe.My.God, and you should come on over!  It’s on Saturday, March 24 at 8 PM, at JR’s in the Montrose district.  (I don’t know where that’s at, because I’ve never been to Houston before and am winging it directions-wise.)  I’m guessing that the tone of this meet-up, like other online meetups, is informal and chill–we’ll chat about blogging and queer issues, get to know each other outside of the internet, that kind of thing.  If you’re going to be there, I’d love to meet you and talk!  I will be the awkward brunette guy in workboots.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Like I said, I’ve never been to Houston before, and as it turns out, JR’s is a bar.  So I may not be able to attend, seeing as I’m only twenty years old.  (I was the youngest person at Haas, haha.)  I’ll keep you updated via Twitter!

1 Response to “Houston Queer Blogging Meet-Up!”

  1. 1 farmboyz March 26, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    You were the youngest, and I was by most accounts the second oldest. Good to meet you, and I’m sorry you weren’t at the meet-up at JR’s which was festive, with the late hour and the beer unhinging and disarming our cohorts. In a good way.

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