Please Call Your Legislator About SOPA

I’m sure you’ve heard of SOPA, and I’m sure you’ve heard that plenty of people who know what they’re talking about would like SOPA not to pass.


Here is a simple one page description of why this bill is not an effective or useful piece of legislation.  It also describes, more importantly, how easy SOPA would be for corporations to abuse.


If you’re from the US, please call your legislators.

1 Response to “Please Call Your Legislator About SOPA”

  1. 1 Ginevra January 19, 2012 at 2:29 am

    …although it’s only peripherally related to SOPA, have you read “The Unwanted Gaze” by Jeffrey Rosen. You probably have as it was written a few years ago…very thought provoking…issues of privacy, intimacy, truth….through lens of the Internet. I would imagine privacy is an issue that you’ve always had to consider.

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