My SLC Speaks Column

For a while now, I’ve been writing a weekly column on queer issues for SLC Speaks, a Sarah Lawrence student publication.  My latest column is here, and is a brief rundown of words that are frequently used in discourse about queers but are problematic.


My friend Ella, the publication’s editor-in-chief, started SLC Speaks last year.  It provides an alternative to the now largely inactive Sadie Lou and the frankly shitty–and you can quote me on that, especially after their public misgendering of a trans student in print last year–student newspaper, The Phoenix.  (Seriously, they misspelled TS Eliot’s name in a crossword.  When I asked the editor how they were improving their quality, because I’m on Student Senate and we were discussing approving their yearly budget, she told me, I swear to god, that this year they had said no to copy editor applicants who misspelled their applications.  I realize that this is a long parenthetical, but god, it’s embarrassing; we’re a college of writers, or we’re supposed to be.)


Well, I’ve finished bitching.  If you’re interested in my writing, SLC Speaks is another place you can catch me as well as numerous other writers.  Check out in particular the glowingly postcolonial Preksha Kumar; the sparklingly femme James Neiley, fashion editor; and the ridiculously competent Jing Min “Jeamme” Chia, who will one day save the world through smart economics and cooperative agriculture.


SLC Speaks!  Read it!

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